If your family photos were damaged by tornados,
hurricanes, or flood waters, please contact us

for restoration.  Damaged photos of your wedding or ancestors
are valuable and we would like to help.  We may be able to restore
some of them for free.  Please contact us for more information.

Bit Consulting & Sales
The Internet means business - grow with it.



We deliver the complete web site.  Pictures, graphics, text, links, email, statistics, register with search engines, all included or can do partials;
your call.

You may want us to do something special with your pictures.
Please contact us for what you would like done.
Pricing available.



We can do!  Contact us for a free consultation.

Churches receive an unbelievable discount!


Ph. 214-478-9079              email  isaact1242@gmail.com

414 Sleepy Top Drive
Glenn Heights, Texas  75154-8165